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Fun Zone

Hi everyone I'm Lana Lou, I love to sign, dance and have a party. I live at Play Bugs will all my best bugs and we have a ball every day, you should come and join in. why not have a Mega Party at Play Bugs where you can play games with prizes and have fun!
Name: Lana
Nick Name: Lana Lou
Hobbies: Singing
Favourite Food: Milk (helps me sing louder!)
Interesting Fact: everyone thinks that lady birds look all the same, but do you know there are over 5000 types of ladybirds throughout the world and we are all unique!!!
Hey guys, I’m Couper, as you can probably guess I’m football crazy!!!! I play for Play Bugs FC and have scored 32 goals this season, which makes me the top scorer. Why don’t you come along to Play Bugs, where you can see me take a few shots at goal.
Name: Couper
Favourite Number: 7
Nick Name: Super Couper
Hobbies: football, football and more football
Favourite Food: Bananas they give me energy to score goals!
Interesting Fact: I have eight legs which means I can score past any defender
Welcome to Play Bugs, I’m Ellie, the Ballerina Bug!! Although I love ballet I also love disco, tap, cheerleading and highland dancing. When it’s my birthday, I love to have a princess & pirates party with lots of girly surprises for me and my friends. Don’t worry this party is just as much for the boys!
Name: Ellie
Nick Name: Ells Bells
Hobbies: Dancing
Favourite Food: Cucumber sandwiches to give me energy
Interesting Fact: Did you know I used to be a caterpillar and have now grown into a beautiful butterfly
Hey dudes, I’m Jack the fastest snail in town! I love taking charge of the helicopter and then seeing how fast I can slide down the astro rainbow slides!!
Name: Jack
Nick Name: Jack Flash
Hobbies: Skateboarding and Cars
Favourite Food: Sandwiches
Interesting Fact: Snails crawl at an average speed of 23 inches an hour, however when I’m on my Skateboard I’m the fastest snail in the whole world.
I would love to see you all at the Bug Bites café…the food there is delicious! There is something for everyone – fresh sandwiches, lots of fruit, yummy baked potatoes, amazing milkshakes, sweet treats and a fantastic selection of cakes! Why not work up an appetite by running wild on our soft play and then sitting down for a snack at Bug Bites café! I’m hungry just thinking about it…
Name: Harley
Nick Name: Hungry Harley
Hobbies: Eating
Favourite Food: Anything!
Interesting Fact: Some caterpillars eat as much as 27000 times their body weight. My favourite place to eat is Bug Bites & if I eat enough food one day I will be a big strong butterfly!
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